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Southwestern Illinois Police Consortium The Southwestern Illinois Joint Fire & Police Recruitment & Testing Consortium was formed in August 1998 for the purpose of providing recruitment and testing services to member communities.  The Consortium also serves as a forum for discussion, study, development, and/or implementation of ideas or plans of mutual interest and concern regarding the recruitment, application, and testing of candidates for the member fire and police departments.

Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board Home Page The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board is the state agency mandated to promote and maintain a high level of professional standards for law enforcement and correctional officers. Its purpose is to promote and protect citizen health, safety and welfare by encouraging municipalities, counties, park districts, State-controlled universities, colleges, public community colleges, and other local governmental agencies of this state and participating State agencies in their efforts to upgrade and maintain a high level of training and standards for law enforcement personnel.

Illinois Law Enforcement Media Center The Illinois Law Enforcement Media Resource Center is made possible by a grant from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. The purpose of the Media Center is to supplement the training of Illinois criminal justice practitioners. Located at Western Illinois University, the Media Center has the most progressive and complete collection of criminal justice programs available in the United States. The Media Center maintains a collection of more than sixteen hundred videotape training programs. These programs are available to law enforcement educators and agencies throughout Illinois on a cost free basis. At no time will the Media Center loan programs to individuals. All loans are made to persons representing criminal justice and related agencies.

Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police mission is to  promote the professional and personal development of its members through innovative services, training, and camaraderie.

Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission News and information on SILEC and Mobile Team ASSIST Unit 14, including training calendar and resources.  

Illinois Sheriff's Association  A non-profit organization supported entirely by contributions from its membership programs.   Look here for information regarding membership, a scholarship opportunity, service in the community or other information.


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